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My name is Bea del Villar

Born and raised in Madrid, Spain. I've  always wanted to live abroad, meet new people and experience new cultures.


So now, having worked in 4 countries (Spain, Mexico, UK and Switzerland)  I am weaving my combined corporate, agency, non-profit and MFA background to come up with a creative methodology to help artists & creatives grow their businesses while offering brands to collaborate with artists to enhance their campaigns.  

I am a resourceful, adaptable team-player that believes art as a tool to reach further. Plus I am confident that by providing support to artists they can become as confident, successful and profesional as the best entrepreneur.

Bea del Villar sobre mi

My experience

I have worked for non-profits

so I know what's like to work with limited budget for a cause you really believe in. 

I have worked for corporations

so I know how to optimize processes, how to get to the decision-makers efficiently and how to network & delegate to get things done.

I have worked for agencies

so I know what's like to work under tight deadlines and challenging customers. 

I have worked for startups

so I know what's like to be hand-on on every little task all by yourself. 

But most importantly I have also developed my own creative practice  (as a trained photographer and curator) so I known what's like to be an artist with no support. 

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